Evita Robinson has seen the world not only as a traveler, but as a featured keynote international speaker. Her addresses include the following topics:

  • Authenticity & Influence in Marketing to Travelers of Color
  • Diversity
  • Women in Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Culture Creator: Building Community around Branding
  • Inspiration + Action 

3 Presentation Types:

1. Keynote: 20-50 minute address

2. Seminar: This is a 90-120 minute, targeted seminar for businesses and organizations. Presently, specifically built for the CultureMeetsCorporate Platform. Malleable to other topics. 

3. Virtual Learning: Great for companies with location independent employees, needing flexibility. This is the Seminar format, done digitally, with a maximum of 100 virtual participants per session.  

Airbnb Community Keynote

Airbnb Community Keynote


Evita has addressed audience sizes from just under one hundred, to over 3,000 people. Her relatable, yet dynamic, delivery creates an engaged audience. She practices a process she calls 'shrinking the room', getting the audience to feel connected not just to her and the information, but also to one another, through context and anecdote. 

Harvard Business School Panel

Harvard Business School Panel

Past Talks

Evita's past talks include the coveted TED Talk stage during her Spring '17 Residency with the organization. Others include Harvard Business School, DMAI Annual Convention, Airbnb Host Day, Afrotech, Madison Square Garden, Apollo Theater, ESSENCE Fest, and a number of colleges & universities.  

TED Speaker/Resident

TED Speaker/Resident


Her more recent focus has been speaking and consulting for Destination Marketing organizations that need help authentically marketing to travelers of color. This mission is the core of launching the  CultureMeetsCorporate 

platform. More information can be found on the Consulting page. 

Businesses and academic institutions are encouraged to reach out if they align with the mission and topics outlined above.