Nomadness Travel Tribe

Nomadness Travel Tribe is the revered 16,000+ member international online community for millenial travelers of color. This entity was the catalyst in 2011 to what is known as the Black Travel Movement today via social media.


Culture Meets Corporate

Culture Meets Corporate is the seminar that dissects direct insights into marketing to travelers of color. It deep dives into the demographics' needs and wants as a POC, and avid world traveler, respectfully. This seminar is conducted by Evita, and brings the perspective of her years not only in the forefront of building the revered Nomadness community, but also as a leader innovating the travel sector.  


Compass By Evita

Compass By Evita is a cosmetic brand that gives 10% of each product sold, as a donation to organizations that function in the city/countries each product is named after. 

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Face Your Brand

Face Your Brand is a 3-month online course. The mission is simple: build an engaging brand model that tells your story and creates a culture that you are the face of, while developing the skills it takes to stand in the forefront.

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Crowdfunding Mastermind

The most diverse, in-depth training and support for people looking to launch crowdfunding campaigns on popular platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or Patreon.